Our Services


Our Services

Our Mission is to provide end-to-end solutions in the best quality CCTV/digital video surveillance products and superior support services available to our customers. Once a project is handed over to us, we manage the complete work on a turnkey basis and ensure a hassle-free experience for our clients right from concept to execution. As part of our end-to-end solutions package, we undertake the following steps to ensure a meticulous execution:

  • Understanding your needs To begin with, we undertake a thorough survey of your premises to study your security needs.
  • Preparation an execution plan after the survey, we create a detailed report of the systems to be installed, presenting a tailor-made solution for your needs.
  • Installation - While executing the work, care is taken to maintain standard procedures. Any deviation to be undertaken due to practical difficulty is referred to the client and their approval is taken before actually deviating from the procedures.
  • Quality Check and Safety Assurance All the safety measures are followed and specific checks and necessary instructional notes are issued. It is the motto of our company to implement and practice standard quality procedures in all our activities.
  • After sales services - After the completion of the job, the system is tested on all measures and is now handed over to the client. Continuous service and technical support is assured

Our Products

I.VISION Technologies was established in 2000 to offer innovative electronic surveillance systems, security alarms and access control systems. We specialize in Importing and Installing in CCTV products, PC based Digital Video Recorder (DVR) devices and provide extensive services. With great pride in our ability to offer products at competitive prices to our clientele, I.VISIONs goal is to ultimately provide a full range of high quality CCTV & other surveillance products along with hand-in-hand top-notch customer support. We aim to establish a strong and mutually profitable long-term business relationship with all of our clients.

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