Access Control System

Access Control, with Proximity card, Smart Card & Biometrics Time/Attendance for corporate, educational and manufacturing industries and health services are benefiting from these technologies. This door won't open for everyone-that's the idea behind Door

Magnetic Swipe Card System With or Without Coloured Photo-ID-Laminated Cards

Here one has to insert a tamper-proof photo ID card into a reader, which scans it, and only then the person can enter the premises. These systems can work with or without computer connectivity and can be further used for Time Attendance with Pay Roll Accounting facility.

Access Systems. In other words, through these systems only authorized persons are allowed access to a particular area / or areas of a building. Door Access Systems are extremely cost effective way to provide a high level of security in homes offices & others.

  • Time/Attendance Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Guard patrolling Systems
  • Asset Management
  • Personnel & Vehicle Access Control
  • Personnel Monitoring
  • Inventory Tracking



Biometrics is automated method of recognizing a person based on a physiological or behavioral characteristic. Measured features are; fingerprints, hand geometry & retinal. Biometric technologies are becoming the one stop point for highly secure identification and verification solutions. Biometrics solutions are able to provide secured transactions data’s. The areas of use are state and local governments, military and police, and commercial applications. Enterprise-wide network security systems, government IDs, secured banking and financial transactions, law enforcement.

Smart Cards

Contactless smart cards are used to operate your time and attendance, access control and visitor monitoring systems. All smart cards and key fobs use the same well-proven and reliable RF (Radio Frequency) reading technology. This gives a consistent read range which is unaffected by most external conditions.

Smart Card is approximately the size of a standard credit card and is thin and flexible enough to be carried in your wallet.

Benefits of Contactless Smart Cards for Access Control Whether you are installing a new or expanding an existing system, or undertaking a major upgrade, there are several considerations for using contactless smart cards instead of proximity or other access control card technologies

Contactless smart cards achieve a higher security level of the credential and the overall access Control system. Contactless smart card technology is optimized to provide highly-secure devices by using cryptography, encryption And the internal computing power of the smart chip. Since the ISO/IEC standards do not address security And authentication..

For example, access control data in the card may be protected using 64-bit diversified security keys based on a unique card serial number. This security can be further customized by the end-user with a card programmer. The reader never transmits this unique card serial number to the control panel, because it is used exclusively for key diversification and to prevent data collisions when reading several cards at the same time.

By using diversified unique keys and industry standard encryption techniques, the risk of compromised data or duplicated cards is reduced. Even if an unauthorized person obtains a reader, without the keys the reader will not authenticate with the card and data will not be transmitted.

These security measures are not implemented in proximity cards, giving contactless smart cards a significant Security advantage

Smart Cards

Smart cards are MIFARE, the most widely installed contactless smart card technology in the world. Each smart card reader transmits a 125 KHz frequency field (the electromagnetic field), which is picked up by an aerial in the smart card. The reader has two read bands within this field; an inner and outer band, and these are controlled and rapidly oscillated by the readers on-board microprocessor.

The smart card microchip is a passive device which holds a unique factory encoded ID number that cannot be duplicated, making it very secure indeed. As a smart card enters the reader's electromagnetic field, it is automatically activated by the field's energy.

Smart Card Integrity

With up to 34 billion different combinations of ID number, there is no chance of duplication. In addition, each ID number has built-in security and integrity checks ensuring that it cannot be misread.

A cross-reference list correlating the external printed card number and the programmed ID number is also provided, for easy system administration.

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